WSC 365 Subscriptions

Do you need an Office 365 safety line?  Office 365 isn’t something you can just turn on and forget. Like every other part of your business, you need expert guidance and key metrics about what’s happening across your Office 365 environment. How many new Teams have been created in your tenant? How many SharePoint sites have been added? Is your email optimized to save you money? Are you paying for unnecessary licenses? How can you enhance user experience, increase efficiency and decrease frustration?

Microsoft offers many tools in the Office 365 suite, but analytics to track these key metrics are not among them. And one-on-one help is very difficult to obtain.

WSC 365 Subscriptions address those needs. Each subscription package includes a block of consulting time, and custom reports that measure what’s happening in your Office 365 tenant. You not only get the reports on a specified frequency but analysis by Office 365 experts, advice on how to optimize your Office 365 installation and streamline your online business productivity and save you money.

The customizable WSC 365 Subscription packages include:


  • 2 Advisory Hours Monthly
  • Quarterly Lunch n’ Learn*
  • Quarterly SharePoint inventory report
  • $650 / mo


  • 5 Advisory Hours Monthly
  • Quarterly Lunch n’ Learn*
  • Quarterly SharePoint inventory report
  • Quarterly Account & Licensing report
  • $1,450 / mo


  • 10 Advisory Hours Monthly
  • Monthly Lunch n’ Learn*
  • Quarterly SharePoint inventory report
  • Quarterly Account & Licensing report
  • Quarterly Exchange inventory report
  • $2,950 / mo Savings: $2,655/mo

* Lunch n’ Learn does not include the cost of catering or venue

Advisory hours

Advisory Hours

An Office 365 expert will spend time onsite with your team.  This time can be used in a variety of ways.  Plan for your site’s next evolution. Get advice on architectural issues.  Solve existing issues or add new capabilities.  Discuss best practices.  Unlike many consultancies that bill in 15- or 60-minute blocks, WSC bills in six-minute increments, perfect for answering a single simple question.



Education is a key component in all WSC 365 Subscription packages.  Available as Lunch n’ Learns, formal classroom sessions or Q&As, WSC offers many educational options.  We’ll work with you to pick a format that ensures your team gets the most out of each two-hour session.

Employees who know how to get the most out of their tools are more productive and more comfortable in their roles. Recognizing the importance of ongoing education in technology environments that are constantly changing, the use of online and related education services has risen 900% since 2000, according to a recent report. Learn more about WSC’s Education Services. With more than 15 years providing IT services, it has been our experience that hands-on training is very effective. On-site sessions are available within a 90-minute radius of Boston, and last approximately two hours.



Choose one of our standard reports or we’ll work with you to create a custom report that grabs exactly the data you need and presents it in a way that is easily readable and most suited to your specific needs.

Reports are delivered via a secure Office 365 Teams tenant. The SharePoint-based reports can be viewed in many configurations to display the data that is most important to you.

Available reporting packages include:

  • SharePoint inventory report (65 data points)
  • Account & Licensing report (61 data points)
  • Exchange inventory report (255 data points)

Monitoring and carefully managing your Exchange environment can reduce headaches, potential security issues, and save you money. WSC 365 mailbox reports identify key metrics, including mailbox inventories and UPN/SMTP mismatch reports. You can identify mailboxes that would be free of charge if they were properly configured.

SharePoint reports examine your entire environment utilizing 65 data points. How many sites do you have? How many are actually in use? WSC can help you control site sprawl, a common issue in SharePoint environments.

Reports customized to your specifications

WSC 365 Subscription bundles are sold as 2-year contracts and billed monthly.  Do you want weekly instead of monthly sessions? Exchange reports instead of SharePoint reports? Exchange reports AND SharePoint reports?  If there’s a service or report you like added or swapped in a bundle, give us a call; we’ll build a bundle that perfectly fits your needs.